Phil Gebauer

Prisma Migration Error

(For future me when I inevitably hit the same issue - and hopefully someone else who stumbles on this)

I hit an error when trying to update a Prisma schema (while using Supabase). I needed to update a name of one of my columns so I ran a prisma migrate command (npx prisma migrate dev --create-only) - (link to documentation) after updating the schema and got the following error -

Error: db error: FATAL: bouncer config error 0: migration_core::state::DevDiagnostic at migration-engine/core/src/

Solution (what worked for me)

Head to your .env file and update the port of your connection string to 5432 from 6543


6543 is a pooled port number which shouldn't be used when migrating, instead use the non-pooled connection string using 5432.


Stack overflow source

Supabase pooled port number documentation