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Supabase signout error (Magic Link)

Subabase sign out error (with Magic Link Authentication)

(For future me when I inevitably hit the same issue - and hopefully someone else who stumbles on this)

I've been working on implementing some basic auth for a new project, and I decided to implement Magic Email authentication through Supabase. For whatever reason using the Supabase-js client wouldn't delete the cookies when calling supabase.auth.signOut helper functions.

Could be a combination of a few things (including that the site is SSR with NextJS) - but what fixed it for me was using the useSupabaseClient from the auth-helpers-react package. Hope this helps someone else down the line - below is a quick implementation:

Code Example (what worked for me)

//Example component using the auth-helper-react
import { useSupabaseClient } from  '@supabase/auth-helpers-react'

export default function EditProile() {
	const  supabaseClient = useSupabaseClient() //init client from auth-helpers-react
	//example sign in function - still uses supabase-js client? Probably need to refactor :) 
	async function signInWithEmail() { 
		const { data, error } = await supabase.auth.signInWithOTP({
		options: {
			emailRedirectTo: '/pageToRedirectTo',
	return (
		{!user ? //conditionally render based on user info (just an example) 
			<button onClick={() => signInWithEmail()} Sign in </button>
            // function that calls Magic Link
		  : <button onClick{async () => await supabaseClient.auth.signOut(); }} Log Out </button> // inline for simplicity - update as needed


Github issue / solution

Supabase sign out docs (with OTP (magic links) )